About Us

EVS project  “Empower your EU Citizenship”

Let’s help, support, enjoy and live…

Here we are, ready to join this new experience!

We are European volunteers coming from different Countries of Europe, we have recently started this project and of course we are enthusiastic about it! So we are Agnieska “Aga” from Poland, Antonio and Rita from Portugal, Luca from Italy, Pablo from Spain and Victoria from Moldova!

We will share in this blog our experiences and some pieces of our life here in Arad, a Romanian city in which others volunteers from others associations work in.

The “Fundatia Pro Pretenia”, it’s the association who allowed us to participate to the EVS project here in Arad, they fight for the human rights, trying to give their help to people with less possibilities and with “social exclusion”, you can find more information about their job on:

Website: http://www.proprietenia.ro/index.php/en/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/empoweryoureucitizenshiparad



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EVS experiences in Arad

Empower your EU citizenship

EVS experiences in Arad

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