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Our trip in Timisoara

Uniti Salvam Rosia Montana


Last weekend me and other two volunteers, Grazia and Pablo, went to Timisoara to enjoy the city, his historical places and his nightlife, why not?!

Timisoara is just 40 kms far away from Arad, it’s a beautiful city, full of history and his buildings and monuments testify it.

???????????????????????????????     IMG_1745

(Thanks Pablo for these pics!)

It was in Timisoara that the revolution against Ceaușescu’s regimen started from (as told us a guy who lives there).

I have a friend  living there and she hosted me these two days, she is Elena and she is involved in a project which aim is saving Rosia Montana area from the exploitation of mineral resources that the Romanian government is trying to act in this part of the Transilvania region. Rosia Montana is an area composed of 16 villages and the Romanian Parliament is discussing in these days about a law that could allow to expropriate the inhabitants of the villages in an easy way without respecting those who live in this area, without regard to the right to housing that every human being has or should have. Elena has turned half of Europe to promote and raise awareness of Rosia Montana, and from the abuses that governments are making more and more often in various parts of the world, she was cycling in Sweden, Norway, Russia and many other beautiful places! That’s why on Sunday we join this demonstration, around the city. It was exciting for me seeing all that people together for a right cause, everybody wants to live in a world of peace and it’s beautiful to share these experiences with people!

I don’t want to be bored so let’s watch some video and pictures that me and my friends took of the event!


IMG_1794     IMG_1783

IMG_1801     IMG_1782

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