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This week we´ve participed in an Origami workshop. Origami is an ancient art that consits in the creation of several figures using paper.  The most popular and famous figures are animals but it´s possible to make just about anything: planes, boxes, crowns, flowers…


But the art of origami is not only to create some figure with a paper, if not that is all the creation process when the children can see how a simple paper is transformed in a complex figure, therefore Origami helps to improve many beneficial aspects to the development of children:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Geometry (this is actually the base origami)
  • Creativity
  • Plastic Arts
  • Recycling
  • Focus and concentration
  • And others, depending on the object itself

We live in an extremely materialistic society: buy and purchase seems to be the highest aspiration of many people in the assembly and often talks of the kids focus on things “that they purchased their moms and dads.” Origami gives them a chance to feel them builders of their own toys.


Although Origami is a extremely ancient art we can say Origami is living a second youth thanks to Akira Yoshizawa (the origami genius, who has performed more than 50,000 jobs and created new models prodigious) was who developed new ways to survive restoring traditional origami models as creative art form, emphasizing how the sensitivity and accuracy in the shot to work. Currently there are world renowned authors like Tomoko Fuse and Kasahara Kunihiko in Japan, Robert Lang and John Montroll in the United States, Vicente Palacios in Spain, Hungary Peter Budai (who published his first book at age 12).

If you are interested in this art, you can check these webs:

Ne vedem!


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NGO Fair

The past weekend Fundatia Pro Prietenia participed in the the fifteenth edition of theNGO Fair (organized by the Directorate of Development and Community Assistance) togheter with several organizations from Arad, as Fundatia Takacs, Asociatia Europa pentru Europa, our friends from Vis de Copil, Fundatia Caminul Sperantei, Foto Club Arad, Societatea de Cruce Rosie, Fundatia Animed Arad


This fair had place in a excellent and centric situation, in front of the City Hall. For a few days we were playing with children in a several ways: doing balloon modeling, origami, face-painting, juggling balls, figures with plasticine and drawing. The wind was disturbing a little bit the first day but on Friday we enjoy of a great day. Each organization offered something different so what every body could enjoy:

  • Youth activities
  • First aid demonstration
  • Execution paintings
  • Photo projections
  • Regional dances
  • Martial Arts Demonstrations


Definetely, it was a great experience in which we can know many local organizations, we had our first contact with local children and also we met many EVS volunteers whose were helping in other stands and overall we enjoy with samples of what Romanian culture can offer us.

And if you want more evidence about our job, click here 😉

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