The Acts of Human Trafficking

Recruitment: Victims are often recruited from their countries of origin because of the state of necessity in which they find themselves. Deception also plays a key role when there are offers of legitimate jobs, mainly in domestic service or the food and hotel service industries. In other cases, victims may be aware that they are being taken to engage in prostitution. In these cases, deception generally lies in the condi­tions of the activities to be preformed, or with regards to the amount of compensa­tion they are supposed to receive.

Financing: Criminal organizations often directly fund the travel costs and formalities regarding documentation for the victim. The victim then falls into debt with the criminal organization for those costs. Frequently, a deceptive sum is quoted, as is the form in which the victim is expected to liquefy it.


Transfer:The transfer of victims is carried out by various means and through pre-established routes, mainly by air or land. Rings modify their points of entry into the Schengen countries according to the strictness of border controls. Members of the criminal group acting as smugglers, may accompany them. Victims usually enter with a tourist or student visa when such procedures are required; in some cases they enter with false or forged documents.


Exploitation: Once the victims arrive at the establishments or premises in which they will engage in activities, they are informed about the true nature of the situation and the circumstances in which they find themselves being forced into prostitution by threats, coercion, being made to take drugs, or in some cases, even physical or sexual violence. They are also informed of the amount of the debt owed to the criminal group as well as the conditions for payment. Exploitation in our country consists of forced prostitution on the street or in establishments or private resi­dences, under conditions varying from mere coercion to semi-slavery.

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