Concurrent symptoms

Immediately following a trafficking experience most women have numerous simultaneous physical and mental health problems. In one study conducted among trafficking victims

in Europe, 0 to 14 days after the trafficking experience, over 57 per cent of women were experiencing 12 or more physical health symptoms that caused them pain or discomfort.

After 28 days, 7 per cent were still experiencing eleven or more symptoms a figure which remained at 6 per cent after 90 days.

Multiple mental health symptoms endured much longer. Over 70 per cent of the women reported ten or more mental health symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and hostility within the first 14 days. After 28 days, 52 per cent still suffered ten or more concurrent mental health symptoms, and not until after 90 or more days did this symptom level seem to subside.

In this study, women’s psychological reactions were multiple and severe, and compare to, or exceed symptoms experienced by torture victims.

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