Corroborating indicators of trafficking

Corroborating the indicators can be done in a number of ways according to the circumstances of the case. It may involve specific enquiries, overt or covert. It could be as simple as asking a person questions.

The result of those enquiries should lead to a decision about what further action will be taken. Actions will vary according to the nature of the trafficking, risks to victims and others and the information available.

The same basic process applies whether it is a large-scale intelligence-led case or a simple routine check by an officer.

The time this process takes will vary according to the circumstances. Large-scale operations may take weeks, although they could uncover information that requires immediate action. A routine check may start with one indicator, quickly find more indicators and move to a decision on action within minutes. In some cases, for example a victim presenting him or her to a police station or patrol, a decision on action will be required immediately.

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