People who have been trafficked for the purpose of labour exploitation may:

Live in groups: in the same place where they work and leave those premises infrequently, if at all;

– Live in degraded, unsuitable places, such as in agricultural or industrial buildings;

– Not be dressed adequately for the work they do: for example, they may lack protective equipment or warm clothing;

– Be given only leftovers to eat;

– Have no access to their earnings;

– Have no labour contract;

– Work excessively long hours;

– Depend on their employer for a number of services, including work, transportation and accommodation;

– Have no choice of accommodation;

– Never leave the work premises without their employer;

– Be unable to move freely;

– Be subject to security measures designed to keep them on the work premises;

– Be disciplined through fines;

– Be subjected to insults, abuse, threats or violence;

– Lack basic training and professional licences.

– Notices have been posted in languages other than the local language;

– There are no health and safety notices;

– The employer or manager is unable to show the documents required for employing workers from other countries;

– The employer or manager is unable to show records of wages paid to workers;

– The health and safety equipment is of poor quality or is missing;

– Equipment is designed or has been modified so that it can be operated by children;

– There is evidence that labour laws are being breached;

– There is evidence that workers must pay for tools, food or accommodation or that those costs are being deducted from their wages.


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