Children who have been trafficked may:

– Have no access to their parents or guardians;

– Look intimidated and behave in a way that does not correspond with behaviour typical of children their age;

– Have no friends of their own age outside of work;

– Have no access to education;

– Have no time for playing;

– Live apart from other children and in substandard accommodations;

– Eat apart from other members of the “family”;

– Be given only leftovers to eat;

– Be engaged in work that is not suitable for children;

– Travel unaccompanied by adults;

– Travel in groups with persons who are not relatives.

– The presence of child-sized clothing typically worn for doing manual or sex work;

– The presence of toys, beds and children’s clothing in inappropriate places such as brothels and factories;

– The claim made by an adult that he or she has “found” an unaccompanied child;

– The finding of unaccompanied children carrying telephone numbers for calling taxis;

– The discovery of cases involving illegal adoption.

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