Offences related with human trafficking

Trafficking cases, by their nature, are very likely to involve other offences. These offences may be an integral part of the trafficking process, and can be used to prove that an element of the trafficking in persons offence has been committed. They can also be charged separately or utilized as alternative charges, depending on the legal system. They can also be called underlying offences to trafficking.

Other offences may be committed against the trafficking victim or others, but would not be an integral part of the trafficking offence. These should be charged separately.

Underlying offences to trafficking may include but are not limited to:

– Slavery

– Slavery-like practices

– Servitude

– Forced or compulsory labour

– Debt bondage

– Forced marriage

– Forced abortion

– Extortion

– Torture

– Cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment

– Rape

– Sexual assault

– Assault

– Bodily injury

– Murder

– Kidnapping

– Abduction

– Unlawful confinement

– Labour exploitation

– Withholding identity papers

– Violations of immigration law

– Money-laundering

– Corruption

– Abuse of office

– Smuggling of migrants

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